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As we age, communication between our muscles, nerves and brain decreases. As a result, the skin becomes saggier and lazier. This treatment works mainly on restoring this communication, which we also call neurofeedback. Because we work not only at muscle level, but also at skin level, the superboost treatment ensures that we will resort to injectables much less.


This is where the actual Superboost treatment begins: active ingredients are introduced into the skin via a needleless jet-stream injection, while the deeper, excess dirt is removed from the pores. The skin channels thus fill up with the AnubisMed cocktails to the skin's needs.


Using electrostimulation (bio-feedback), muscles receive impulses. This not only makes them firmer and tighter but creates more volume in the face. After all, skin and muscles are closely linked. A 100% natural technique based on regenerating our body by boosting neurofeedback mechanisms.

When should I avoid having Superboost?

  • Botox / fillers - last 3 weeks

  • Epileption

  • Pacemaker

  • Pregnant

  • Chemotherapy / cancer

You need 4 sessions before the neurobiofeedback loop begins.

This is necessary to ensure that your brain automatically gives the signal to the muscles and nerves to keep working for a lasting lifting effect.

After 4 sessions, 1 session every 3 months is recommended. (max every 6 months)

  • Face l 60min

  • Neck | 60min

  • Face & Neck | 90min

  • Face Acne Skin | 40min

  • Hands | 40min

  • Decollete | 40min

*Subscriptions are available.

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