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Ciel Shinto®︎ α Therapy | 45min

During this 45 minute head massage, you will experience the deepest relaxation, one you haven’t experienced before.A relaxation this deep is achieved through a unique performance, which is according to your brain’s breathing.In addition, simply by starting the massage from the sacrum and releasing the tension in the muscles of the head, each part of the face is restored to its original position. This treatment can be combined with other treatments."

This treatment is a technique that combines meditation and aesthetic Japanese massage. We keep the memories we want to keep while we sleep, and we delete what we want to forget. However, if something is too painful, too sad, too hard, too enduring, we cannot process it and it builds up like a chain of events. Stress is a word that is often used to describe it, but it is actually a habit of thinking and behavior. In fact, a person’s habits of thought and behavior have a significant impact on the accumulation."

"Yes, the brain is overworked by ‘thinking’ every day. What do you think of when you hear the word ciel - sky? Abundance and peacefulness - comfort."

"Whenever we are in deep sleep, we are in the ciel. ‘Ciel Shinto Alpha Therapy’ is a therapy that creates more space in the brain. It's a new-generation treatment focusing on the stiff head muscles and brain fatigue. The aim of the treatment is to relieve brain fatigue by relaxing the muscles in the head and to restore balance not only to the body but also to the mind.The treatment was devised with the aim of relieving brain fatigue by relaxing head muscles and restoring balance to the mind as well as the body. The treatment is designed to match the rhythm of the brain’s breathing, to read the customer’s habits of thought and behavior, and to relax the muscles of the head."

- Shinobu Nonoyama, Inventor of "Ciel Shinto Alpha Therapy'; Representative of the ARCH ANGEL school of aesthetics; CIDESCO International Esthetician; Japan Esthetic Association ” AJESTHE ” accredited Instructor; Spiritual counselor

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