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*Treatments by Brand

On the day of your appointment, we will analyse your skin condition before confirming your treatment.

Skeyndor - Science creates beauty

Founded in 1966, the brand is now present in more than 50 countries, with a passion for science in its DNA, which forms the basis for innovative and effective cosmetics and solutions for the most demanding customers.

Tailored to Your Skin | 60min


For women who need a special dose of hydration on their skin.


For urban women whose skin is asking them for oxygen.


For those moments when a woman feels her skin aged by the sun or by natural causes.


For the years which a woman starts to “prevent”.


This is a range of products formulated with spring water from Salies-de-Bearn: a natural source located in the France Pyrenees, and is designed to cover the needs of all skin types, especially the most delicate ones.

Tailored to Your Skin Premium | 60 - 75min

Anti-aging GLOBAL LIFT | 60 min

The facelift, by definition the treatment which acts from the deepest point of the cells.

Anti-aging ETERNAL | 75 min

Eternal is focused on the regeneration of the epidermal stem cells. The impulse they need to be activated, to make sure your face will be rejuvenated and bright.

Anti-aging CORRECTIVE | 75 min

Triple anti-wrinkle action effect. Peeling - Filling - Decontracting

This treatment reduces deep wrinkles and smooths expression lines quickly and effectively. Intense smoothing effect on the deepest wrinkles. From the first session, they disappear naturally and gradually.


This treatment is designed specifically to regulate excessive oiliness with open pores and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

- Extraction is not included. Extraction can be added.


Perfect for deep cleansing and protecting your skin.

This is formulated with pre and postbiotics to stimulate and protect the skin microbiome.

- Extraction is not included. Extraction can be added.

PROBIOME PEEL PACKAGE | 60 min x 4 sessions / 3- 4 weeks

The advanced care chemical peels that accelerates skin regeneration and restores the skin microbiome.

- Included skincare products for 1 week after treatment

Germaine de Capuccini

Established in 1964, Germaine de Capuccini is responsible for some of the most important breakthroughs in skincare technology and remains, to this day, one of the world’s most important skincare brands, holding true to its original values of professionalism, quality, innovation and integrity.

Unique massage rituals incorporating the Japanese facial massage technique KOBIDO, KIREI METHOD, for a relaxed moment.


Timexpert Hydraluronic | 75 min

This treatment is elevated with a unique facial massage tool, that works as a cooling method across the facial contours to actively plump lines. A cosmetic alternative to aesthetic injections with exalted improvement in the appearance of lines, wrinkles and hydration levels of the skin.

A new dimension of hydration is delivered to the skin by exclusive ingredient formulations plumping and adding volume. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is released to the deepest layers of the skin, allowing recovery and preservation of naturally occurring HA in the skin. Whilst the slow-release technology delivers and retains moisture reserves for longer-lasting effects.

Timexpert Rides | 75 min

Timexpert Rides combines its exclusive formula with an effective massage technique based on Facial Yoga and Facial Cupping that adds to the effectiveness of this treatment.

A new generation, advanced therapy for lines & wrinkles. This highly effective treatment offers unparalleled results in reducing the length and depth of wrinkles. Ideally taken as a course of three treatments and combined with a specific home care programme proven results show a 43% improvement*. *Results are supported by the University of Valencia Faculty of Medicine.

ESSE - Microbiome skincare

Your skin is an ecosystem protected by a living armor of beneficial bacteria.

ESSE exists to keep it at its wild best.

Esse does not believe in damaging skin in pursuit of short term results. Esse optimises skin health to slow ageing in the long term, with biochemistry that makes beneficial changes to the skin’s microbiome. Esse keeps the pH of all our products at 5, using mild preservatives and rapidly biodegradable foaming agents.



Start your 30 day rewild journey | 30 min

Includes product ”Sensitive Skin Trial Set”

- I analyse your skin and explain how to rewild it with ESSE.

- If you’re new to the ESSE range, then we encourage you to start with the Sensitive

- Range before moving on to the other sets once your skin has adjusted.

- Schedule an appointment for an ESSE Classic Treatment in 30 days when you start using the “Sensitive Skin Trial Set”.

ESSE Experience | 60min

ESSE Classic Treatment uses advanced pre-, post- and probiotics to improve the microbial balance on the skin.

This treatment is tailored to address your specific skin concerns following a detailed skin analysis, soothing and healing stressed or aggravated skin, boosting collagen production, calming inflammation, and building barrier function.

ESSE Live Probiotic Experience | 60 min

This world-class standard live probiotic experience includes the application of 5 billion colony forming units per ml of LIVE lactobacillus probiotics to the skin, followed by the ESSE Exclusion Mask. This provides the perfect anaerobic environment for the bacteria to start to colonise.

This treatment is designed to reduce inflammation, enhance barrier function and address signs of aging by restoring microbial balance and rewilding the skin, ensuring long term skin health.

*Additional Body & Face Massages*

How about a massage before and after treatments?

*Subscriptions are available*

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