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Buccal Massage | 60min

"Buccal massage or intra oral massage, is a technique that became very popular all around the world due to restoring effects onto the basic tone and elasticity of your skin. The massage also underlines muscle tissue to fade the wrinkles, tighten the facial contours and lift the skin naturally. This technique can be used to replace injection methods of rejuvenation and surgical interventions." - Keiko Takahashi

Powerful massage strokes re-fresh your face vitality with just one treatment.

The technique even works those muscles that are most often left without load.

• Restores the youth of each layer, increases turgor.

• Strongly affects the blood flow in the dermis and muscles, which contributes to the nutrition of each integument.

• Stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin fibers.

• Restores the health of each integument, eliminating the root cause of aging.

What effects can I expect from a buccal massage?

• Stops muscle overstrain

• Stimulates local blood flow

• Accelerates the outflow of venous blood

• Increases the regenerative function of the dermis

• Aligns the face oval

• Removes small and deep wrinkles

• Prevents aging

• Tightens the skin

• Reduces the thickness of subcutaneous fat

• Improves the color of the face

• Eliminates rashes, redness and gray shades

• Removes muscle contractures that appeared after a stroke, surgical operations

How many sessions are recommended for best results of a buccal massage?

It is recommended 6-10 massage sessions, once or twice a week, then, one treatment session

every month as a maintenance session. It can be repeated every 3-4 months.

When should I avoid having a buccal massage?

• Congestion

• Active acne

• Open wounds

• High fever

• Recent botox or fillers (less than 3 weeks)

• Infectious disease of the oral cavity

• Skin disease around the face and chest area

* This Buccal massage includes a 30min custom-made upper body massage to relieve muscle stiffness in the upper body, which is connected to the face & neck area.
* This Buccal massage does not include treatment with skincare products.

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