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Training time | 2 days of knowledge and practical training.

Training course fee | € 1 800 (HTVA) - Includes a textbook and DVD for review.

After the course, you can  train on your own pace, the practical examination will be on another day.

The practical exam consists of a 45-minute course on a stand-in, where  a score of 80% will being required for you to pass.


• If you pass, you will receive a therapist certificate and a badge of recognition.

• If you fail, you will be re-tested.

• Re-training sessions are also available.

Therapist registration fee | € 300 (HTVA) - Only needed when first registering.

All successful therapists are registered with the Ciel Deep Head α Therapy Association

in order to maintain a uniform standard of therapy.

Annual membership fee | € 200 (HTVA) for the first year - € 300 (HTVA) from the second years.

Therapists registered with the EU headquarters accredited school will have regular skill checks and study sessions.

Registered Ciel Deep Head Alpha Therapists will be offered training courses on future therapies to be devised

in advance, sharing new information on wellness and aesthetics in Japan etc…

Do you want to follow a training:

“Ciel Shinto α Therapy” is a Therapy designed to give the brain the rest it deserves. The treatment starts from your back and approaches the craniosacral and head muscle stiffness with an awareness of craniosacral breathing.


The treatment is a brandnew and next-generation treatment that approaches the stiffness in the muscles of the head with craniosacral therapy, that is conscious of the breathing of the skull.


Although you don’t touch the face at all, you’ll feel the change whilst opening you eyes post-treatment. You will feel the unevenness of the face and even the roundness of the head. 


*There are individual differences.

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