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Hi, I’m Keiko Takahashi.

I was born and raised in Japan. When starting out my career, I mostly gained experience in the medical and wedding industry. I moved to Bali to work as a wedding coordinator. Doing this for almost 4 and a half years, around 100 wedding a year, it was a stressful time. 

On my days off, one of my favorite things to do was to go for a healing Balinese massage. A Balinese massage doesn't only use a traditional technique, but also has the effect of hand healing, where the sacred energy in the hands works on the tiredness of the body and soul.I was captivated by its charm and decided to become a therapist myself, as I wanted to heal people with my own hands. I obtained a diploma in ‘Balinese massage’ accredited by Indonesian government. 

When I returned to Tokyo, I worked in both a relaxation salons and as a private home masseuse. I’m quite proud of achieving a 76% repeat rate with my customers. Whilst being a full-time masseuse, I wanted to improve my skills by obtaining another diploma as a Body and Facial Beauty Therapist, accredited by the Japan Esthetics Association.

I then moved to Belgium, where I now live as a married women. In Belgium, I obtained a Diploma in Professional Competence Sector "Esthetician" by Jury Central Esthétique, and I run this beauty and relaxation salon.

My Specialization: My specialty is my hand massage techniques

My product recommendations: My recommendations are the lifting facial massages including Buccal massage, a head massage called "Ciel shinto α therapy " and the body massages with firm pressure to release muscle tension lead to deep relaxation.


It would be a pleasure to heal you and make you feel happy.

Beauty comes from within. 

Heal your soul and enjoy your life.

My Degrees:

• Balinese massage - Indonesian Governement

• Body and Facial Beauty Therapist - Japan Esthetics Association

• Professional Competence Sector “Esthetician” - Jury Central Esthétique (Belgium)

My Certificates:

• Buccal massage -

• Balinese Reflexology - QRG Bali Esthetics school 

• Balinese Aromatherapy massage - QRG Bali Esthetics school

• Balinese Slimming - QRG Bali Esthetics school

• Balinese Aging care Facial - QRG Bali Esthetics school

• Instructor of Ciel Shinto α Therapy - ArchAngel (Japan)

• Professional facial care course - ArchAngel (Japan)

• Holistic Facial Therapy Course - ArchAngel (Japan)

• Traitement Hifu - Skin Studio (Belgium)

• Graceful Facial - CIDESCO-NIPPON

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